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About me


Name                              Anouk Vos

Date of Birth                 January 28th, 1992

Nationality                     Dutch

Height                             1.80 m

Bust                                 85 cm

Waist                               65 cm

Hips                                 93 cm

Lingerie size                   EU 70C

Clothing size                  EU 36

Shoe size                        EU 41

Jeans size                       W28 / L34

Favorite colour              Yellow

Favorite number            4

Favorite day                   Dutch Kingsday

Favorite country            Australia

Hi there! Thank you for visiting my website.

I am Anouk, a Dutch model and actress.

At this website you can find some information about me, a resume with all the work I've done through the years and my full and up-to-date portfolio of photo's and video's.


I am 26 years young and born and raised in the Netherlands. The main thing I love in life is to explore. I like new things, meeting other people. I have been travelling much, through Asia and Uganda, living in Australia and Portugal and the travel continues... In between or while being in some of these countries I try to work as a model and actress.


Besides travelling there are also many other things I like to do. Such as making art, singing, dancing and acting. I started theatre when I was 10 year old and started working as a professional actress in 2012 in different commercials. I started modelling at my 17th and working as a model and actress made me able to save money and explore the world, people and myself. 

Just before I left to Asia in 2015 I finished my university and got my degree as a Social Worker. My dream job is to be a Training-Actor / Role player: the combination of helping people, to teach and play theatre seems perfect for me.

Do you have any questions or would you like to book me? Please get in touch!

Kind regards,


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