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About me

Hello there.

I'm Merle Buratovich. I am born in Johannesburg
and moved to Cape Town in 1973 where I since live and love it. I've been painting all my life with great pleasure. My studio is in my home, so I can draw and paint whenever I am inspired. I used to paint mainly realistic art, but since the last few years I also started to enjoy making abstracts.


My father who was a physician at the Baragwanath Hospital started sending me art notes at the time that I moved to Cape Town. He too was a painter. Funny enough, I only studied Art at the Foundation School of Art when I was in my fifties. Now I'm teaching art classes in my studio with great pleasure three times per week.


My dream is to show my art around the world and to be seen in Art Galleries. Please get in touch for any inquiries.


Kind regards,


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